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About Us

Natural Elephant believes that everyone should be Beautiful from the Inside Out™. We are an all-natural skincare, beauty, and health brand finding the best products and ingredients from all over the world. We’ve traveled around the globe in search of the most natural products for your body, mind and spirit.


Experience a collection made with the finest ingredients, pure and healthy. We are constantly looking for the newest and best products in order to provide our customers with highly effective and unique beauty solutions.


The Natural Elephant brand name developed through us traveling all over the world in search of healthy, clean, and natural products that benefit others, similar to an elephant searching the globe for nourishment. It may be difficult for the elephant to locate food and water, but once it finds them, life could not be better. This could be said for our products as well.  We currently sell the Natural Elephant Moroccan Hammam Glove, Dead Sea Mud Soap, Mud Mask, and Bath Salts. We are constantly scouring the earth for health and beauty products which are natural and beneficial to us all.