Moroccan Collection

Natural Volcanic Lava Pumice Stone

All-Natural pedicure tool, uniquely shaped by nature
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    Scrub away unwanted, rough skin with Natural Elephant’s Volcanic Lava Pumice Stone. Its all-natural, abrasive texture makes it perfect for scrubbing away thick, dry skin such as corns and calluses. Equipped a rope loop for easy hanging and storage, every pumice stone is uniquely shaped by nature to form the perfect ergonomic pedicure tool.


    • Effectively and naturally removes dry, thick skin such as corns and calluses

    Key Ingredients

    100% All-Natural Igneous Lava, straight from the Middle Atlas in Morocco

    Learn more about the benefits of ingredients from Morocco

    How to Use

    1. Immerse callus area in warm water until it has softened. Soak the pumice stone in water and gently scrub the intended area before submerging both again. Repeat and check after each cycle for desired result.
    2. Dry and moisturize skin for maximum smoothness.
    All-Natural pedicure tool, uniquely shaped by nature
    Moroccan Collection

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